Bohemians lose in Liberec

Slovan Liberec won 3:0

Bohemians lose in Liberec

The Kangaroos went to north of the Czech Republic to play the 22nd round in Liberec, at U Nisy stadium.
The favorite was Slovan Liberec and it was obvious from the early beginning of the match. It was just the 4th minute when Šural had a first chance but hit Sňozík. Two minutes later it was Štajner who shot just wide as well as Rilke after another ten minutes.

Liberec didn’t need to wait for any longer for the goal. It was 17th minute when Štajner, from a corner kick, found Nezmar who headed the ball to the goal but it was blocked and deflected to Gebre Selassie, who scored. Another two chances came from Šural, but didn’t manage to score.

The quick reaction came from the coach of Bohemians when he sent off Vyhnal and Hartig came on the pitch. And the chance of Bohemians came right away. The goalkeeper Bičík was lying on the ground when Budínský tried to lob the keeper but he jumped on time and saved it to the corner. Then it was Žižka who hit the keeper.

That was the last action of Žižka in the game. Štajner tackled him ans had to be substituted for Kraják. The rest of the halftime showed one more chance for Bohemians but the cross from Budínský was too long.

The start of the second half was not that active from Liberec. But this changed at 53rd minute when Bosančič had a long shot and hit the target; 2:0 for Liberec.

The answer could have come few minutes later when Kraják got a cross on his head, passed the ball to Budínský who appeared alone in the box and offered a shot to Hartig who missed the ball.

Liberec added another goal 15 minutes before the time. Štajner’s corner kick ended at Nezmar who decided the match, making it 3:0. The last word of the game came from Bartek who appeared alone in the six yard box but didn’t use that chance. Bohemians lost 0:3.