Bohemians lose against Dukla

Dukla beat Bohemians 2:0

Bohemians lose against Dukla

The second Prague derby in last two weeks was played and after last week’s lose against Žižkov it was more than compulsory to win for Bohemians not to get relegated. The 24th round was played against Dukla Praha at Juliska stadium.

Since the early beginning of the match it was obvious who is playing home and Dukla dominated. The first chance came after ten minutes, when Lietava went one-on-one on Sňozík, tried to finish it twice but Sňozík had it under control. The second bigger chance came 8 minutes later when Pázler’s shot just hit the post.

It looked like Bohemians equaling the game when Dukla stroke. Malý took a long-range cross which ended on the head of Lietava who scored similar goal to the one from last week’s match. The equalizer could have come just a second later but Borek’s shot was deflected by his own teammate. The first half ended 1:0.

The second half started same as the first one. Lietava offered chances in the penalty box to his teammates, but both didn’t hit the ball. Pavel Hašek, the former Bohemians player, had a 20-metre-long shot which ended in the goal, making it two up for Dukla.

Weber sent on Hartig and Vyhnal, but without any effect. The last ten minutes till time offered a lot of chances. It started with Lietava, but Sňozík had it. Two minutes later it was Hartig who hit the post after a corner kick. The next attack started with Cseh who passed the ball to Budínský but his shot was well wide and Vyhnal missed the target after the cross from Moravec.

This was the first championship appearance for 18-year-old Petr Nerad who was sent on the pitch and got his first chance to score right away but his header was not accurate enough. Another chance came from Dukla by Hanousek but Sňozík showed why he is number one keeper in Bohemians squad. 

Bohemians lost to Dukla 2:0 and the possibility of being relegated is getting closer. Next home match is on Sunday 15.4.2012 against Mladá Boleslav.