Goals scored only by Sigma

Not a single chance converted for Bohemians

Goals scored only by Sigma

Bohemians travelled across the country to play their 26th round tie in Olomouc against local team Sigma. The Bohemians line-up was affected by many injuries, Nikl, Žižka, Budínský and Cseh. The new defensive line consisted of Pavel Lukáš and Jiří Ptáček, the centre midfielder was Nicolas Šumský.

Nicolas Šumský delivered the first big chance for Bohemians, when Lukáš appeared alone in front of the goal after Šumský’s corner kick but the goalkeeper of the home team caught his shot. The counter-attack came and Klesnil opened the score.

It was only the 12th minute when Olomouc scored again. Schulmeister received a great pass from Ordoš and finished it to double the goal difference. Šumský had a chance to change the score right away but his header was just millimeters wide.

The opportunities were by both teams. Nešpor receiving a pass from Růžička, didn’t score, and then it was Abraham and Šumský with more chances to score. Not even Ptáček and Nešpor scored later. Radek Sňozík showed some skill when faced one-on-one with Klesnil whose shot was saved conceding a corner.

But it was again Klesnil who managed to change the score again before half time. Vepřek crossed the ball straight on Klesnil’s head and he scored. Bohemians were quick on the counter-attack, but Bartek missed. The half time score was 3:0.

The second half started with the substitution of Abraham for Vyhnal, but he failed to impact. It was again Klesnil who had a chance to score and complete his hat-trick but did not succeed.

The only chance to score for our team in second half came from a free kick taken by Orolín. The rest of the match was led by Olomouc. The last important moment of the match came a minute from time when a corner kick found the head of Podaný, who scored and made the final result 4:0

Bohemians paid for not scoring goals and leaving with unflattering result of 4:0.