The new season started with a draw

The kangaroos dominated but it wasn’t enough.

The new season started with a draw

It has been two years since Bohemians played their last league match at Ďolíček stadium; it was two years of exile for Bohemians at Synot Tip Arena. The exile has finished this Sunday and Ďolíček is again the home stadium of Bohemians 1905. And the premiere was one of the most interesting matches of the coming season. The away team was the team from Střížkov, which has no official legal name. The last time those two teams met, the match was canceled, and Bohemians won the match by default.

The match started with the moment of silence for the former manager of Bohemians Jiří Steinbroch, who died in his 62 years. Jozef Weber, the coach of Bohemians, decided to send Martin Cseh to defense, Roman Potočný as a left midfielder, alternated by David Bartek, who also had a centre mid tasks.

The Kangaroos combined really well, didn’t let the enemy play, and all their attempts were destroyed in early beginnings. But there was no bigger chance for quite a long time coming. After a quarter of an hour, first chance came. After Bartek’s pass and Jirouš’s jink and cross, Růžička took a shot but Winter, the “no name” goalkeeper, reacted well and caught it.

The more chances came after 30th minute of the match. First, it was Růžička who passed the ball to Bartek, who brought the ball to Jirouš, but he shot wide. The Bohemians combination was finished by Rada’s shot, which just missed the goal by centimetres.
The opponents were toothless, the only shot, taken by Očovan, wasn’t even going the right direction and the ball finished approximately 100 metres away from the stadium.

The second half was similar to the first one. Few chances, possession only for Bohemians, no chance for the away team. It was 60th minute when Jirouš had a shot, but it went wide. Next chance, again by Jirouš came after the cross from Moravec, but the header went to the same place as the previous shot.

The first controversial moment came in 70th minute, when Jech, the referee, haven’t seen the hand ball in penalty area. The similar moment appeared also in 78th minute, Jirouš took a shot which was stopped by the hand of the defender but the whistle didn’t make a sound again. Jech couldn’t stay silent for the rest of the match and after a brutal attack by Krystan, Jech gave a second yellow which meant a red card for Krystan.

The away team resigned to any offensive effort and used all the possible tools to defend. The chances for Bohemians came. Bartek had a nice shot, which was just wide; Rada didn’t control the ball well in the next chance and lost it in penalty area. The final two corner kicks were also ineffective and the match ended 0:0.