Bohemians jumped to the second place

The Kangaroos beat Znojmo

Bohemians jumped to the second place

This week’s opponent came from Moravia. It was Znojmo, the team from a second place.
The starting line up had to be adjusted because of injuries. Bálek took Jirouš’s place and Růžička’s position was taken by Jan Hauer.

The match started as most of the last matches played by Bohemians. The Kangaroos dominated but without a big chance.
Crosses came from Moravec, but both Bartek and Nerad didn’t bring it to the goal. Another chance by Moravec wasn’t finished by Bálek.

After first 30 minutes, Jan Moravec tried it alone. He went through the right side, got some space and took a shot. The goalkeeper was prepared and caught Moravec’s shot which went just next to the post. Hrubý was also ready for Kalina’s shot ten minutes later. Bálek’s chance at the end of the first half was stopped by Yonov. The halftime score 0:0.

The second half started with a chance for Znojmo. Okleštěk with Nepožitek brought the ball through the right side of the pitch in front of the open goal, passed the ball to Mandula, but he was offside.

Time was passing and Bohemians got more of the possession. Bohemians appeared in a big chance when Nerad passed the ball to Moravec, who crossed the ball to Bálek, but Bálek’s header missed an open goal.

After another chance of Bohemians and one of Znojmo, the winning goal came. It was 70th minute when David Bartek shot twice. Both shots were deflected and after the second deflection the ball got to Jakub Rada who scored. 

Just a moment after the goal, Potočný had a chance to score another one. But his shot came too early. The chance for the opponent didn’t finish in the goal after Nepožitek’s miss.

The rest of the match was nervous from both sides. Both teams sent passes inaccurately; Znojmo got a red card after Nepožitek’s tackle on Hauer. The score didn’t change and Bohemians won against Znojmo and took their position in the league table.