Silesian win for Bohemians

Bohemians won in Opava 4:1

Silesian win for Bohemians

Bohemians went to Opava to meet their team in seventh round. The Silesian SFC are disappointed in this season so far, being on the last place of the league table.

The first chance of the match was for Opava. Their captain Lumír Sedláček tried to surprise our keeper from a corner kick. Sňozík was prepared and caught the shot, as well as another one sent by Prokeš.

It was 14th minute when Růžička crossed the ball to Bálek who passed it to Nerad. Nerad took a shot and scored. Bohemians started to dominate in that moment.

Ten minutes later, home keeper Květon had two great saves. Both were Bartek’s headers. But it wasn’t all. Vladimir Bálek got the ball after deflection and scored another goal. Bohemians took a two goal lead.

It was one sided football played by Bohemians. In 30th minute it was Bálek who brought the ball to penalty area, passed it to Nerad but Květon was on his spot. Nerad appeared in another chance just a second later but without any success.

Opava started the second half a bit more actively then the first. Cross after cross came in front of Sňozík. Nothing was too dangerous. When it looked like that the game was becoming to be equal from both teams, the home team scored. Sedláček’s corner kick was too long, but then Partyš surprised everyone at the stadium. He reached for the cross with the header and scored.

It was 30 minutes till time and Opava put Bohemians under pressure. They wanted to score an equalizer; they were more active, but no big chance came. 

The final Opavian pressure was neutralized by Bohemians in a great style. In 87th minute Moravec passed the ball to Bartek who scored from a short distance. Two minutes later, almost identical action came: Bartek brought the ball in front, offered the ball to Šmíd who set the final score of the match to 4:1.