No goal scored in Čáslav

The winning streak is over.

No goal scored in Čáslav

The 9th round was played in Čáslav, which made it the shortest distance travelled so far for an away match.

The starting 11 remained unchanged from last week. The start of the match was controlled by the Kangaroos, but no chance was converted. Bartek had one, but his pass was blocked by a former Bohemians player Karal.

The biggest chance for Bohemians came in the 20th minute. Růžička threw in the ball and Bálek, Nerad and others could finish it but none of the shots ended in the goal. Bartek had another chance just seconds later, but he was caught off side by centimeters.

It took 30 minutes for Čáslav to get a first chance. A cross came from the right side and brought the ball to the far post where left-alone Hodas headed the ball but missed. The Kangaroos responded with an over hit cross from Bartek, who found Růžička. He could take a shot but decided for a pass to Moravec who shot wide. Other chances created by home player Achemaistos, the away players Jindřišek, Růžička and Rada have not finished in a goal. At the break it remained goalless.

The second half started with the substitution of Bálek for Jirouš, but the game performance remained the same. A series of great chances came around the 15th minute of the second half. The first falling to Prášil but he put it over, then Růžička from a counter attack crossed the ball to Bartek and Nerad. 
Bartek headed wide. Then it was Jindřišek who found the head of Šmíd, but it was a great day for both keepers.

The last bigger chance came in 75th minute. Kalina’s cross found Jirouš but he headed wide. The match ended in a draw and the winning streak of Bohemians is over.