First home lose

Bohemians lose to Vlašim 2:3

First home lose

The 10th round was played home at Ďolíček stadium and Bohemians met the team from the 12th position Vlašim. The coach Weber gave a chance to Jan Hauer instead of Martin Cseh and to Jirouš as a striker.

The beginning of the match was directed by Bohemians, Vlašim was mainly defending. The chances of Bohemians were toothless and not accurate. The only bigger chance was a shot by Jindřišek. 

The punishment came after 15 minutes. Sňozík punched away the corner kick ball to one of the players from the away team; former player of Bohemians Martin Kraus got the ball on his feet and scored.

The kangaroos tried to equalize, the crosses by Moravec and Bartek were ineffective, as well as the shot by Jakub Rada. The greatest chance to equalize was by Bartek , who unfortunately hit the keeper Toma who was on the ground.

The counter attack by Vlašim was more successful than Bartek. Putz appeared alone in a penalty box, went around the keeper and scored into an empty net.

Bohemians had again some chances to lower the score difference. Nerad and Růžička took a shot, both wide. Vyhnal also tried to score but also without any success.

The end of the first half was no way good for Bohemians. Martin Kraus had a chance to score his 2nd goal today in 42nd minute, but he was offside. The offside stopped him just for a minute. Kraus scored in 43rd minute and changed the score to 0:3.

The logic of the game was obvious. The great start of the second half had to come from Bohemians. And it did. Bartek passed the ball to Vyhnal who scored and 3639 fans had a first chance to celebrate that evening.

The pressure by Bohemians was escalating but Vlašim had some chances always from counter attacks. Jícha and Průcha took a shot, but Sňozík made his job. David Bartek got a cross from Moravec and his projectile was not accurate and strong enough.

15 minutes till time and Jindřišek and Bálek both appeared in a chance. Jindřišek’s free kick was just over the bar, the header of Bálek was saved by Toma. Then it was Jindřišek who got the ball from a defender of the away team, took a great shot and changed the score to 2:3.

The last minutes were of high pressure from Bohemians. One cross came after another to the penalty area but the only dangerous chance was by Bálek who put it over the bar. Vlašim won and ended the invincibility of Bohemians at their home stadium this season.