A point gained in the last minute

David Bartek scored in extra time

A point gained in the last minute

Bohemians went to Sezimovo Ústí to play against Táborsko. Coach Weber changed the starting eleven. Jan Hauer played a defender, Ondřej Šiml a center midfielder, instead of Nerad who was called for international duties in U19 team, and Vyhnal played a striker.

Nobody would imagine a worse start. It was the very first minute when Táborsko played their first free kick from the half line. Kočí crossed the ball to Mráz who headed the ball to the keeper Sňozík but the latter one didn’t catch it and the ball ended in the goal.

The Kangaroos were shocked after such a fast goal in their net and it took them nearly 30 minutes to create a chance. The home keeper Fryšták showed two reflexive saves. The first one was against Bartek and his shot from outside of the penalty area. The second, two minutes later, was against Moravec, who got a pass from Růžička. The rest of the halftime was without any chances. Rada was changed for Bálek and Bohemians went to the cloakrooms losing 1:0.

The second half started better for Bohemians. The action of Jan Moravec who had a sprint along right side line and then passed the ball in front of the goal was stopped by the defense of the home team. David Bartek, who on Thursday became a father, also had a chance to score, but his header went wide. Josef Jindřišek showed some skills ten minutes later. First of all, he crossed the ball accurately to Šmíd's head, but the goalkeeper saved it. Then Jindřišek tried a shot from a great distance but the keeper was probably the best player on the pitch today and saved it again.

The home team had also some chances, the notable ones were by Kočí and Dobal. Kočí took a shot from an angle and put it over the bar, Dobal was superbly stopped by Šmíd.

When it looked like Bohemians will leave the pitch with 0:1 loss, a nice surprise came. It was the second minute of the injury time when Bohemians had a corner kick. Radek Sňozík also went to the penalty box. The ball got to the penalty area, Sňozík took a shot, and again, then the ball deflected, got to Bartek who sent the ball to the goal and scored in the last second of the match. Bohemians gained a point.