First home match brought a win

Bohemians beat Příbram 2:0

First home match brought a win

The first league is back in Ďolíček. The newly built soil heating pitch welcomed the opponent for the third round, Příbram.
The coach Weber decided to make three changes in a starting line up. Martin Berkovec replaced Havránek in a goal, Petr Nerad was set on instead of Budínský and Moustapha Ndiaye took a place of a striker for tonight’s match.

Bohemians played the first half against the sold out home stand and the keeper Hruška was not bored. First shots by Nerad and Rada were saved with a help of defenders. Příbram’s first chance cameafter 15 minutes from a corner kick but Jugas put it over.

The interesting finish was made by Martin Kolář who wanted to cross it into the box but his cross ended on the crossbar.

First goal came in 27th minute. Šírl’s free kick was deflected back but his second try ended untouched in a goal and the left defender scored his first goal after returning to Bohemians.

Moustapha Ndiaye was very active but he always missed the last step or he was stopped by Mišůn who was awarded with a yellow card.

Kangaroos could make the score difference even bigger before the half time. It was Petr Nerad who appeared in front of the keeper but Hruška saved it. 

After the change of sides, Bohemians were under toothless pressure by Příbram. Everything was based on well-formed defense and didn’t let the opponent to create any bigger chance. The counterattacks by Jindřišek and Kolář were both saved by the keeper.

Players were getting tired which was an advantage for players who substituted. Bartek who came on in 69th minute got in the penalty box, went through two defenders and sent the ball behind the back of the keeper.

The rest of the match was in hands of Bohemians and the full house saw a first win and clean sheet at one in a new season.