Liberec beat Bohemians 1:0

Šural decides the match with a goal before the half time

Liberec beat Bohemians 1:0

The third team of the last season as well as this season, Slovan Liberec, was hosting Bohemians in the 6th round.

Slovan Liberec competes also on a European level and they surprised whole Europe by beating Udinese Calcio on Thursday.

The coach Weber had his full squad available, including Moustapha Ndiaye who is on loan from Slovan. Two changes were made since the last match; Jan Růžička and David Bartek replaced Václav Kalina and Martin Kolář.

Liberec was the favourite of the match and they got the possession on its side since an early beginning. The first bigger chances came after 15 minutes of play. Šural took a shot but Berkovec saved it. Bohemians were lucky just a moment later when Rabušic appeared in front of the goal alone but he missed the target.

Just before the end of first half an hour of the match, Liberec appeared in a great chance. Kolár had a shot but reflexive save performed by Berkovec saved it and Šural missed an open goal. The only bigger chance by Bohemians in a first half came after a corner kick. Bartek headed a ball towards the target but the keeper together with defenders didn’t let the ball to get behind the goal line.

But the next corner was the one which decided the match.
Šírl crossed the ball in front of the keeper, which caused some hard times for Liberec defense. They managed to get rid of the ball from their penalty box, Jan Moravec made a mistake and three Liberec players went on one defender. The outnumbered Růžička had no chance and Šural scored just three minutes before the half time.

The second half started with a chance for Liberec. The corner kick found Kováč who headed the ball towards the goal but Martin Berkovec covered it. Bohemians were trying to score the equalizer but all of their attempts ended before the penalty area of Liberec. Not even Bartek’s performance after Hora’s corner kick was effective.

Liberec made sure they maintain the lead and did not try to attack much. However, 20 minutes before time, Slovan showed a nice combination, which was ended by Jakub Štochl. This resulted in a free kick. Šural executed the free kick and offered another chance for Berkovec to show off.

The biggest chance by Bohemians to score an equalizer came twelve minutes before the end of the match. Jakub Rada took a shot and Přemysl Kováč had no chance to save it.

Unfortunately, the ball went wide just by centimeters. The rest of the match was directed by Liberec. Bohemians are leaving the north of Czech beaten with the tightest difference possible.