Three points from Jihlava

Jihlava – Bohemians 1:2

Three points from Jihlava

The match started well for Bohemians. They were more active and they easily got into chances. Firstly, it was Moravec during the 9th minute who got through the left side to one on one situation with a keeper. Moravec sent a pass back to Bratanovič but his shot aimed for one of the defenders of Jihlava.

The answer came in 25th minute. The shot of Jihlava was deflected and Švenger had to box it away. Kukol was standing on the edge of the penalty box and the ball found him. However, his shot was just wide.

Apart from all the chances, the match itself was relatively boring. Many inaccuracies were seen throughout the first half, but thankfully, Kangaroos smoothened out their play and it paid out. Mikuš gave the ball to Mosquera. He took a shot from the edge of the penalty box. The shot looked more like a pass, Moravec got the ball, went through the two defending players, sent a pass back to Mikuš who finished it.

Kangaroos had the possession for the rest of the first half and no other goal surprise was happening.

The opening of the second act was full of excitement. Namely, it was Brabec who reached a low ball aiming for the away goal and unluckily deflected the ball to the post and to Švenger who saved the situation on a goal line. 

Next chance was again for Jihlava, when Kukol’s low-flying shot was stopped by the keeper.

Kangaroos answered with an unexpected goal. It was Pauschek who stole the ball from Marek and ran towards the goal. After a series of passes, Bratanovič gave a ball to Jindřišek who took a shot from first touch. The keeper boxed the ball away and Mikuš got the deflected ball and scored. However, it was the assistant referee who was the only one who saw Mikuš offside and the goal was disallowed.

And the home team equalized. They got a bit more space on the left side, they sent a pass to Kučera who scored with a shot close to the left post.
It woke the Kangaroos up and they took the possession back. The play was more in the middle of the field.

Firstly, it was Bratanovič who had a chance to score a decider but when he tried to lob the keeper, his try was too long and ended behind the goal.

Kangaroos made sure they won’t concede another goal and sent another defender into the game – Martin Cseh – which at the end had proved to be the best decision.
But before he have decided who will take the three points he offered a chance for the home team. He slipped and Harba had enough time to think about the shot and find the best place in the goal. His shot went wide and Kangaroos were relieved for a moment.

The match was heading into a draw when Bohemians got a free kick opportunity. It was from the middle line so nothing was indicating any bigger threat.

The home defender Vaculík didn’t guard Cseh well and left him unattended. He finished it from a first touch and decided the match.

Bohemians celebrate the first win of the season and Jihlava stay at the bottom of the table pointless.