The black series continues

Bohemians – Jablonec 1:2

The black series continues

The only two teams representing green colours in the first division met during the 4th round.

Jablonec opened the score early, during the 10th minute. Jan Kopic went through the left side around Pauschek and found Rossi who was left alone on the penalty spot and scored.

They continued with pressing and didn’t let kangaroos to create any goal chance. The best chance to score for Bohemians came in 22nd minute. The series of many passes and a long cross ball by Rada resulted in a fast cross from Moravec into the penalty area. But Romero deflected the ball away. The following corner ball ended on Engelmann’s foot and his long range shot went just wide.

But it was the away team who was more dangerous. And their chances came at the end of the first half.

Šmíd lost a ball against Doležal. The back pass came to Kopic but he didn’t play a first touch well, the ball got to Novak and his fast and long shot was stopped by Švenger and deflected to the corner.

Three minutes later, Brabec and Pauschek clashed and Crnkič used the situation and took a shot. Švenger lowered the angle and saved the situation.

The second half started earlier than anyone expected. It was just seconds after the kick off when Jablonec scored again. Crnkič sent the ball to Kopic and Kopic scored.

Even that Kangaroos tried their best to score, it was Jablonec who had the biggest chance again. Kopic went between three players and gave the ball to Doležal. He made some space in front of the goal, got rid of Brabec and took a shot. Švenger saved it with his leg. 
Finally, it was Bohemians who got into a bigger chance. The cross ball ended at Rada’s feet who shot from an angle and hit one of the defenders.

Kangaroos started to be more active. The fast try around 60th minute on the left side, Mikuš – Mosquera – Moravec, won the ball for Bratanovič, who turned around one of the defenders and managed to score.

The scored goal woke the kangaroos up and Jablonec players looked nervous. The game became more equal, but thanks to the quality of Jablonec, Bohemians couldn’t get into a bigger chance.
Bohemians lost another home match and the next points can come next week against Příbram.