Bohemians came from behind in Příbram and won

1.FK Příbram – Bohemians 2:3

Bohemians came from behind in Příbram and won

Bohemians did not have an easy task this round. They came to Příbram to play the local team, which was awaiting his first win this season. Kangaroos lengthened their series and won, but the way they did it was not any easy.

The first half did not bring any nice football, both enemies couldn’t create any bigger chances and very little chances have been seen. The first came during the 9th minute when Moravec got through all the defenders but his shot with his weaker foot was not dangerous.

The home team took the ball on their foot during the 22nd minute. Pilík took the ball through the left side, sent a cross ball to Řezníček whose header went just wide.
But he didn’t need to regret anything, Nevez took a long throw in which found Fillo who sent the home team into the lead.

Just a minute later, it was Mosquera who got into the penalty area on the other side of the pitch and he was taken down by one of the defenders. The TV replays showed a clear foul and a penalty kick should have been whistled, but referee stayed calm. The home team got the ball and Řezníček aimed for the right post. Švenger jumped the right direction and saved a 100% chance.

The second half was more attractive for an eye of the spectator. And it all started with a fast goal of Kangaroos. Mikuš won the ball near the corner of the pitch, sent a cross ball and found Mosquera who stayed calm and found the unprotected part of the goal and scored an equalizer.

Zeman substituted and went to play a free kick from a close distance. He took it with a left foot and hit the crossbar, the ball deflected just before the goal line and away.

Příbram created also the next chance. Řezníček’s header was not accurate again, Bohemians defense kicked the ball away, Moravec got into a counterattack, ran over the whole field and scored. The away team took the lead.

The home team wasn’t any affected from the situation and stayed active, Zeman’s cross balls from the left side were very dangerous. All the attemps, however, ended with an inaccurate finish.

Kangaroos stayed at the back and had difficult times defending. Rada won the ball in our penalty area, managed to send it Lietava who sprinted towards the goal. Lietava showed the football smartness and passed the ball to sprinting defender Brabec who scored a winning goal.

Příbram wanted to say the last word and when everyone thought the match is over, Švancara got a cross ball, which he probably processed with a hand and scored from an angle. Referee haven’t seen anything against the rules and pointed at the goal. Příbram had no more time to change the score and Bohemians left with unexpected 3 points home.