Two penalties brought no winner

Bohemians - Hradec Králové 1:1

Two penalties brought no winner

Bohemians were about to play their 3rd home match this season and the need for a home win was clear. Hradec went through the hard times when they haven’t scored for more than 800 minutes in the top division. They won last week and they hoped to continue in a winning wave.

But a cold shower for them came in the early beginning of the match. Jindřišek played a corner kick ball and Kotiš took Rada down in the penalty area. Referee didn’t hesitate and pointed at the penalty spot. Jindřišek executed the penalty kick in his sure style and sent Bohemians into lead.

Kangaroos didn’t take an advantage from the situation and left the initiative to the opponent. Čermák was close from scoring an equalizer but his shot from the left side was saved by Švenger.

The away team was left with a great amount of space and many cross balls were successful, but not turned into goals. However, the one from the 32nd minute have changed the score. It started with a corner kick which was sent away by Šmíd’s header but then Rada was pushed to the ground and unintentionally touched a ball with his hand. Dvořák played the penalty kick and scored an equalizer.

Hradec continued with a pressure and Bohemians had difficult times with a well moving opponent. Mareš took a long shot from 30 metres but the spinning ball was boxed away by the keeper.

Bohemians started the second half with a better pace. Moravec appeared in two chances immediately after the kick off. Firstly, he used up the counterattack, got into the penalty area but his cross pass wasn’t accurate. The second started with Mosquera on the left side, he sent the pass back to Moravec who shot with a left foot and the ball went just wide.

Mikuš sent the ball behind the back of the keeper but the goal was not allowed because of his offside position.

Petr Nerad appeared in the first match this season after he recovered from an injury and he got into the game immediately. His play boosted the game. Rada sent him a pass through the defenders and Nerad shot around the keeper and hit the post.

Hradec couldn’t get into the game for the most of the second half and they were more concentrated into defending. Bohemians had few more chances but well defending away team didn’t let them score.

Rolko was the last to speak into the final score but his header went over the bar.

Bohemians didn’t win in a third consecutive home game this season and Hradec is leaving with a point home.