Kangaroos take the derby spoil

Bohemians – SK Slavia Praha 2:0

Kangaroos take the derby spoil

The 120th first-league derby between two neighbours from Vršovice district was played and the aim was clear. To beat their rival and win for the first time at home this season.

And the first half was directed by the home team. The beginning was slower but it was clear who will rule this match sine 15th minute.

It was 30th minute when Rada sent Šírl on the left wing. Šírl sent a fast cross ball and the keeper had to box it away. The ball deflected to Mosquera, but Mosquera, surprised with the deflection, didn’t react properly and the ball went wide.

It was the goal construction which saved Slavia ten minutes later. Pauschek went through three defenders, Bratanovič got the ball, dribbled with the ball and left no chance for Slavia’s Baez, sent a cross ball to the back post and Mosquera’s shot was stopped by one of the defenders.

Slavia also showed their attacking power, for the first and also last time in the first act. Nitriansky sent a long cross, it looked like Brabec will win it but Škoda pushed him and sent a header towards the goal. It went just wide.

Two more chances for the home team came at the end of the first half. Moravec and Bratanovič showed a nice combination and Moravec’s shot went behind the keeper’s back but Latka jumped in the shot and saved it on a goal line.

Then it was Rada who got the ball from Mosquera in the middle of the penalty area, moved the ball to his left foot and shot it. The deflected ball made some problems to the keeper but he saved it.

The beginning of the second half was similar to the previous one. The combination by Mikuš, Bratanovič, Pauschek and Mikuš again was over combined and the keeper got ready on time and saved the situation.

Slavia came with the answer. Baez found Juhar who went through the left side towards the Švenger. Švenger ran towards him to lower the angle and headed the ball away.

Kangaroos tried it again just a minute later. Mikuš crossed the ball to Bratanovič but his shot from a left side went wide.

And then the first score-changer came. Moravec crossed the ball from the right side to the back post, Mosquera ran there but he was taken down by one of the defenders. Referee pointed at the penalty spot and Jindrisek was the chosen one. The keeper touched it but didn’t save it. 1:0 for Bohemians. 

Ivan Lietava entered the pitch and this proved to be the right decision by the head coach. He came from the left side, took the ball to the middle of the pitch and scored another goal in 77th minute.

Pauschek showed nice sprint from the right side, aimed between the right post and the keeper but the keeper saved it.

If Slavia wanted to do anything with the score, Nitriansky decided not to. He wasn’t happy with the referee’s decision and told him his opinion. He was showed a second yellow and was sent to the cloakroom. The supporters were entertained with number of passes when every pass was presented with a loud applause.

Kangaroos won for the first time at home this season after a great performance and moved up the table to the 6th position.