Liberec take all points from Ďolíček

Bohemians – Slovan Liberec 2:4

Liberec take all points from Ďolíček

‘’The king of draws’’ Liberec came to Prague to participate at the 12th round match against the home Kangaroos. The team from the north didn’t do any well this season however their performance looked much better than results and Pivarnik knew their position at the league table didn’t reflect their quality.

And he proved to be right. The fast opponent added also quality and strength and Kangaroos had some difficulties to play with them. At first, it was Šural who appeared behind the defense of the home team. His angle was very difficult and he chose to pass it to Delarge, but Švenger saved it twice.

Delarge also created the next chance, when he went around Šírl, moved the ball to Pavelka but he hit the right post only.

Bohemians created their first try during the 11th minute. Delarge headed the free kick away but Bratanovič got the ball and crossed it to find Bartek, who sent it from a first touch to Pauschek. Pauschek took a shot from a distance. Kolář was ready and boxed the ball away.

Three minutes later Bartek passed the ball to Pauschek and back to Bartek and crossed it. Mosquera got the ball on his head but he aimed wide.

Not even first 15 minutes were gone and Bohemians had another chance. Kolář lost the ball and Mosquera went one on one. He lost balance but still managed to pass it to Bartek and Mikuš, but referee saw a foul.

However, the first goal came from a situation which did not look any dangerous. Brabec and Šmíd did not secure Pavelka and he took a shot from a first touch. Švenger had no time to react and Pavelka sent Liberec into a lead.

Kangaroos wanted to do something with the score immediately after the conceded goal and their effort paid off. Just before the half time whistle, it was Elvis Bratanovič, after a great pass from Mikuš, who lobbed the keeper from a close distance and scored an equalizer.

The second half started better than anyone expected. The free kick from a right side was curving into the penalty area where Šmíd was taken down and the ref pointed at the penalty spot. As traditionally, Jindřišek went for it and scored. 2:1 for the home team.

Time went by and twenty minutes later, it was Liberec again who equalized the score. Luckassen got the ball into the penalty area, sent a pass in front of the keeper, Šural touched it and hit the target.

Bratanovič got a pass from a combination between Lietava and Rada. He went one on one with the keeper but his another try for a lob was not successful.

The match continued in a high pace and five minutes after Bratanovič’s try Liberec took the lead back on their side. With a bit of luck Liberec managed to take the ball through the defense line and Luckassen passed it to Delarge who scored.

The away team was dangerous from the counterattacks, Kangaroos, on the other hand, from free kicks. Moravec escaped thorough the right side and passed it to Rada, but he missed the target from a penalty spot.

It was 90th minute when Lietava showed a great shot from a distance but the away keeper showed even greater skills with saving it. 
Liberec left Ďolíček with 4 scored goals. The north-bohemian team used one of their counterattacks and Fleišman saw well-running Delarge and sent him a long cross. Delarge kept a calm mind and scored a final goal of that evening. Liberec won 4:2.