Zlín takes points from Ďolíček

Bohemians – Zlín 0:1

Zlín takes points from Ďolíček

The newly promoted team got to the top league by coincidence, from a fourth place because other teams had refused this right of promotion. And such an easy looking opponent had surprised Bohemians in the first round.

Bohemians tried to put the opponent under pressure since the beginning of the match. Eight minutes was played when Čížek took the free kick. From a very long distance, he sent a fast bomb right in the top corner of the goal and the tallest keeper in the league had really hard times saving this. 6 more minutes were gone and it was Čížek again who had a goal effort, but his teammate Schick was in a way.

The visitors showed that they want to play a more significant role in a league than everyone expects. Pazdera passed the ball to Kopecny, he sent it back and Pazdera scored in 25th minute.

Zlin took the lead and Kangaroos got nervous, but even though they created more goal chances. Jirasek appeared alone on the edge of the penalty box, but his shot went wide. Zlin players threatened the home goal, Holik found Železník with a perfect cross ball, but only because of a magician in a home goal, Zlámal, Bohemians survived.

The home coach Pivarnik wanted to come back and change the destiny of the match and started the second half with two strikers, Mikuš and Akulinin. But it was Zlin again who started, Šmíd inaccurately passed the ball, Železník got it and Poznar was missing just few centimetres. Mosquera was next, he sent a great cross and both strikers were really close to a goal score.

Just twenty minutes left in the game when the home team started delaying the game. They were kicking the ball out of the stadium and Kangaroos couldn’t achieve against the yellow wall. The last hint of a success was in 86th minute. Jirasek found Mikuš with a pass through and the Slovakian striker aimed for the back post. The away keeper Holy was against any goal change, saved it and helped his team to leave Ďolíček with all points.