Pointless from Teplice

Teplice – Bohemians 2:1

Pointless from Teplice

Bohemians entered the match actively and Schick appeared in a first chance after two minutes. A long throw in found Schick at the closer post, but reflexive catch by Grigar stopped the ball. However, Teplice were more successful immediately after that. Fillo crossed the ball into the penalty area and Vachoušek sent the ball into the net.

Teplice slowed down the game with the scored goal on their side and they had no need to hurry anywhere. Kangaroos tried to increase their activity up front but unfortunately without any success. Promising football beginning was replaced by many inaccuracies on both sides. More chances came later, a deflected ball got to Ljevakovič in 37th minute and he shot from 30 meters. Zlámal stretched well and saved it. Two minutes later, it was Bohemians who threatened as well. Jirasek sent Schick up front, he went around one of the defenders but another came and stopped the chance.

The second half of the match started with a substitution. An injured player Bartek went off for Mosquera and just minutes later, also Mikuš came. Kangaroos tried to reach for an equalizer but the goal came on the other side. Ljevakovič passed the ball to Vachoušek, he gave it back immediately and Ljevakovič put the ball behind Zlámal’s back.

Pauschek didn’t give up and with a fast sprint, sent the ball to Schick. He appeared in front of the open goal but missed it. The game was moving from one side to another and goal chances were on both sides.

Hubínek turned his into a goal. He substituted, ran for a throw in and took a shot. His shot touched on its way into goal Schick’s back and Kangaroos reached the so needed goal to get back into the game. They tried to press and attack into well-formed defense. Zlámal was sent in front again at the end of the match but Teplice didn’t let anything happen and secured the final result.