Kangaroos come back from behind

Bohemians – Jihlava 2:1

Kangaroos come back from behind

Literally “existential” match was waiting for Bohemians on Saturday at 5 pm. The opponent had 9 points and Bohemians only 5, so a very intensive and important game was awaiting. The spectators could expect defensive game because last two meetings of those two opponents in Ďolíček stayed 0:0.

Pauschek and Schick could come back to the game after a match against Sparta. Very interesting fact was that Schick started in defense and Čížek took a role of the striker. On the other hand, there were two players, Nerad and Jungr in a starting lineup of Jihlava who played some time before for Bohemians.

Kangaroos flew into the match with great activity. Čížek showed it in first minute when he went on the run and he was stopped with a tackle on the edge of the penalty area. The free kick didn’t end in goal but Bohemians continued with the pressure. It was Mosquera on the left side who didn’t let the defense to rest. However nothing which would change a score.
So Jihlava took a ball and tried it. Mešanovič got the ball in 24th minute and hit the crossbar with a bicycle kick. The ball deflected to Janos but he didn’t score. But the score-changer came with a next chance. Mešanovič took a shot and the ball deflected from the keeper found Petr Nerad who scored into an open goal.

The match changed its pace after a goal and the game was up and down with chances on both sides coming one after another. Firstly, it was Acosta, then Jihlava with a corner kick. Hubínek later on started a counterattack, moved the ball to Acosta and he tried to shoot, but his shot went just wide.

Havel entered the second half instead of Pauschek, and minutes later Mikuš replaced Schick. Bohemians pushed the game into Jihlava’s penalty area and especially Mikuš and Mosquera took a big part on the equalizer. Mosquera hit the hand of defender after a great combination with Mikuš. Jindřišek scored it and equalized.

Kangaroos got a fresh blood into their bodies and one attack after another aimed for Hanus’ goal. Bohemians went to another counter attack, when Hubínek was taken down from behind and Jánoš was sent off straight away.

After a series of headers from a corner kick in 74th minute, Mosquera got a ball and crossed it to find Acosta who scored a goal with, for him unexpectedly, a header to take the lead and the euphoria was visible at the stadium.

The referee Příhoda sent off another man just a minute later. Vaculik dived and got a second yellow. Fantastic keeper Zlámal secured the last chance of Jihlava in the match and Kangaroos finally celebrated the gain of three points.