First win of this season

Bohemians 1905 beat Sokolov 3:0

First win of this season

Baník Sokolov was the team which came to Ďolíček this week. The team was looking forward to finally scoring a goal and they made it.

The coach Weber started today’s match with one difference in the line up. Potočný wasn’t fully ready and Vyhnal took his place. This line up pushed the opponent from early beginning, but no chance came in first few minutes. It was conversely Sokolov who had the first chance. It was the first time Sokolov players left their half and Radek Sňozík’s goal was in danger, but Knakal’s shot hit the side net.

The goal fasting was finally finished! It was 22nd minute when a fast action of Bartek, Jirouš and Kalina brought the ball in front of Jan Moravec who got the ball behind Bertelman and scored the first goal of Bohemians in this season. Just five minutes later, the score could change, but Šmíd, after Jidndřišek’s cross, missed the open goal.

Even that Šmíd didn’t score, the half time score looked better than anyone had expected. Jirouš sent a great ball to Bartek, who overcame the goalkeeper and changed the score to 2:0. Five minutes later, it was Rada who found Vyhnal in the penalty area and Vyhnal made it 3:0.

The pace of the second half dropped down, especially because of the weather with temperatures high above 30 degrees. Sokolov tried to put Bohemians under pressure, but in progressing minutes Bohemians got the confidence and the ball was back on their feet.

The referee Drahoslav Drábek took the main role of the rest of the match. Half an hour till time, Dvořák from Sokolov got a second yellow card and was sent off.

The one man advantage was only 10 minutes long. Bartek ran up the line and was tackled, but got a second yellow card for diving, and was sent off too.

The only bigger chance of the second half came during the last minute of the match. Lukáš Budínský started an action, passed the ball to Moravec, who found Bálek's head but he missed the goal in a clear chance. First three points for Bohemians this season.