The best spring performance this season

Bohemians destroyed Ústí 3:0

The best spring performance this season

Ústí nad Labem came to play Bohemians for the 27th round of Football National League. The last year’s winner of the 2nd league lost three matches.

The pressure of Bohemians was obvious since the kick off. The Kangaroos took the lead early. Jirouš missed his two chances in first ten minutes but then Lukáš Budínský took a corner kick in 13th minute, the ball floated into the penalty area, Jakub Rada hit it and scored. 

Next few minutes were without a bigger chance until 30th minute. Ústí got into a chance which was stopped by the assistant of the referee. The counterattack started with Jan Moravec, he found the head of Jirouš, but his header ended in the hands of the away keeper.

The biggest chance of Ústí came in 36th minute. Moulis took a long shot, Jiří Havránek stretched and caught the ball with a bit of luck.

The second half started with the chances on both sides. Jirouš was stopped by Valenta, on the other side it was Moulis who was stopped by Cseh.

But then it was Bohemians who changed the pace of the game into an exhibition match. Jan Moravec got the ball in 55th minute, passed it to Budínský who took a shot; ball got deflected to Bartek who managed to send it into the goal. 2:0 for Bohemians.

Budínský appeared in another chance just minutes later, but the away keeper was on the right spot. The next try by Bohemians led by Hauer and Moravec was stopped by the flag of the assistant when Moravec was caught off side. 

Martin Kolář and Jakub Rada were playing with the defense of the away team; they passed the ball to Budínský, he passed through to Moravec who scored, making it 3:0.

Zeman tackled Jindřišek just a moment later and got red card and was sent off. The Kangaroos created more chances but none of them changed the final score. Bohemians won 3:0 in the best spring match so far this season.