Home point for Bohemians

Bohemians – Boleslav 1:1

Home point for Bohemians

Kangaroos entered the 27th day with a clear target; to get points and get saved. Roman Pivarnik sent Zorna Gajič into game instead of Škerle and he proved to be the controversial decision.
It was 13th minute when Skalak went around him, the ball got to Zahustel who tried a technical shot around the keeper, but his shot went wide.

And the second moment in 20th minute, Zoran tried a tall ball touch, but his header towards the keeper was not long enough, Magera managed to get there on time, and headed the ball into net.

A partial redemption came in 29th minute. Magera touched the ball on the edge of penalty box, gave it to Skalak, and Gajič managed to get into the shot to send it into corner.

But all of this happened after an equalizer. Kangaroos scored three minutes after Magera’s goal. Mosquera sent a cross ball, Mikuš found it and equalized with a technical shot.

The second half was way different from the first. Both team played carefully, most of the play happened between penalty areas and usually by defenders.

But from a coaching point of view, teams showed a good performance, the defense of Bohemians didn’t let any of the well-known names from Boleslav squad into a single chance. The new-born Gajič was ruling in the air and if anything went behind his back, great Zlámal was on spot.

And Bohemians managed to create some chances as well. Just moments before the end, it was Bratanovič who sent a ground shot, however in the middle of the goal, where Hruska was ready.

And when not even Lietava’s shot from 30 metres was not successful, the match between the fourth and eleventh team ended with a draw.