Defeat against Viktoria Žižkov

Viktoria came from behind to win the match

Defeat against Viktoria Žižkov

Viktoria Žižkov was the opponent who came to Synot Tip Arena in 23rd round.

Bohemians started actively when Lukáš Budínský passed the ball to Jan Moravec who missed the target. The next chance came from Kraják who gave the ball to Hartig, but his header was well wide. The chances were also on the other side but both Jurča’s and Sivrič’s shots were ineffective.

The free kicks specialist Lukáš Budínský was trying the attention of the goalkeeper every single time and his free kicks were dangerous, but none of them went straight to the goal.

It was 33rd minute when Budínský took another free kick and after deflection the ball appeared next to Martin Cseh who took the lead for Bohemians.

Then it was Viktoria who gained some possession at the end of the first half. After few corner kicks and well-defended goal of Bohemians, the first half ended 1:0 for Bohemians.

The second half started with a chance for Bohemians when Kraják went one-on-one on a goalkeeper but didn’t finish it.
Bohemians started to lose the ball. Žižkov became really aggressive and made a lot of chances, but Sňozík had them all. After 10 minutes of continuous pressure the cold shower came for the Kangaroos. Valenta crossed the ball to Kalod who headed the ball to the goal equalizing to 1:1.

Weber tried to refresh the game and sent on Kaufman who immediately appeared in a chance. His shot went straight to the defender and was no danger for the goalkeeper. Another chance came from Borek in 84th minute, but his header wasn’t accurate and just a minute later, after a corner kick, Borek missed the goal.

The counter-attack came and Valenta took the lead for Viktoria after succeeding against Sňozík when he appeared one-on-one.

The kangaroos lost after a promising start of the match. The redemption can come in a week against Dukla Prague. The tickets are available in Ďolíček Fanshop for 160 Kc.