Liberec leaves Ďolíček pointless

Winning premiere for the new coach Klusáček

Liberec leaves Ďolíček pointless

The opponent from the north of Czech, Liberec, came to Ďolíček to play their 20th round of the ongoing season. The kangaroos were still waiting for first spring points.

Major changes happened in the club in last week. Coach Weber who lead the club through a season of relegation followed with a season of promotion back to the first league had been dismissed from a position of a head coach and had been replaced by Luděk Klusáček.

Bohemians started well since an early beginning of the match. Their hunger for points and goals was visible. The first chances came early on when Hora sent the ball to Kalina, Kalina got around the defender and went on a goal. He passed the ball in front of the keeper where Lietava hit it but straight to the away keeper.

Three minutes later it was Rada who took the corner kick which caused some serious problems to the defensive line of Liberec. The ball went around Lietava and Hora, deflected to Cseh who chose a first touch but his long shot went well wide.

Liberec seemed surprised and their first bigger chance came in 15th minute. Budnik got into a chance but few millimeters were missing. Later on, it was Luckassen who tried to lob Cseh. Cseh stopped the ball with a hand ball and saved the situation at the cost of a yellow card.

Liberec was toothless, couldn’t get into many chances. Most of them were in form of a long shot or a slow header which aimed to the hands of the keeper. Coufal was an exception. He took a long shot which was deflected and saved by the keeper.
Lietava appeared in another chance few minutes later. Pauschek got a pass from Hora and crossed the ball to the penalty area. Hroššo couldn’t handle the ball, it went through the penalty area to
Lietava’s foot and it was just an empty goal and Coufal in front of the striker. Lietava decided to hit the ball to Coufal. Goalless score remained present.

But what he haven’t achieved in 28th minute, repaid just seconds before the halftime whistle. The game slowed down a bit and everything looked like the score will not change in first half. But Kalina didn’t agree with the present consensus. Rada passed the ball to him, he got into the penalty area and took a strong shot. The keeper boxed the ball away but Lietava was on the right spot and headed the ball into the goal.

Second half started differently than the first. Both teams were awaiting for the opponent to show off.

Liberec was first to take the possession and tried to score an equalizer. Krch and Pauschek got confused and the away team got a chance to kick a corner kick. Liberec played it short, Coufal took a shot which ended on a crossbar.

And the chance continued. Rada din’t get to the deflected ball on time and had to faul. The free kick which was only a meter from a penalty area was taken by Rybalka and ended just centimetres wide.

Bohemians was able to answer just a minute later. A goal kick from Berkovec was aiming for Lietava who was secured by Kovac. Kovac decided to head the ball back to the keeper Hroššo, but there was Hora who appeared behind the defense line alone. Hora lobbed the keeper, ball was slowly getting into an empty net but Kovac managed to get back and saved the situation on the goal line.

This was the last chance of the match. Kangaroos have defended well, Liberec couldn’t find the right way to beat the defense. The referee blew the whistle and Ďolíček could finally celebrate a win after a long period of 11 matches.